Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones have a name as intimidating as their specs. The QuietPoint headphones have made Audio-Technica what it is today, a leading global provider of electro-acoustic technology.

The company claims these headsets can be used with in-flight entertainment systems, CD, DVD and MP3 players to deliver booming bass, strikingly vivid sound, sweeping treble, and distinctive detail.

As pompous as it may sound, their description isn’t far-off from the truth. In fact, it’s pretty close to what QuietPoint can deliver, and when you couple these features with its lower than average price, you’re bound to find that these headphones tick all the right boxes.

Build Quality & Design

Right off the bat, the ear padding is impressive. Soft memory foam is covered in supple, lush black leather, and it brings a chocolate coated marshmallow to mind. The driver inside is covered with a layer of black cloth, while the shell is made of resilient plastic. The headband is padded for a bit more comfort.

As the cables are detachable, it means that the headsets will last longer and that you wouldn’t have to replace the entire set if the cable were damaged. It also means that you can unplug your cables and keep the headset on for as long as you like when you just need to block out some noise.

QuietPoint have firmer ear cups than competing brands. While they give you great noise reduction because they’re so snug, they may also not be as comfortable as other brands. It has been known to leak a bit of sound, but unless you’re cranking it up to ear-bleed levels, it should be just fine. The padding is generous and soft, and it will close snugly around the ear for an air-tight fit.

The design is sleek. As it comes with fully-integrated electronics, it doesn’t need any external modules, so all you’ll be carrying is a 250-gram set, battery and cable included, give or take. Simply twist the ear-cups inward to see them collapse and place them according to where the raised supports in the zipper case indicate.

Unfortunately, the headset only comes in black, and the only variation you have from the standard headset is a pair with an in-built remote on the cable.

Sound Quality

These closed-back headphones feature drivers with an aperture of 40 mm, more than enough to produce decent sound, and the drivers are backed up with neodymium magnets under the frame for booming bass and high fidelity. With a frequency response between 10 and 25,000 Hz, this headset will take you through the entire treble spectrum smoothly and clearly.

Microphones in each of the ear cups sample the ambient noise. The inner circuitry then send waves that are 180 degrees out of phase of the ambient noise, actively cancelling it. As soon as the button is switched on, it may surprise you to find that you’re actually able to hear yourself think. Every bit of outside noise is drowned out, allowing you to listen to clearer music at a much lower volume than with other headsets, and enabling you to immerse yourself into every little aspect of every song and to find new meaning in trebles and beats that would have been unknown to you otherwise.

For the price, the amount of detail is decent, and so is the spread of the treble. Still, it would be wrong to say that they’re the best money can buy. Perhaps only the best THIS money can buy. Some users note that the sound is not as open as they would have likes, with less reverberation around them and far more going on strictly in their heads, so to speak.


When the noise cancelling function is turned off, the headphones work nearly just as well, passively reducing noise due to the snug fit of the ear pads. The noise-cancelling function requires an AAA battery, which will last anywhere up to 40 hours.

The headphones fold flat and fit snugly into the black canvas carrying case, which also features a mesh pocket with a zipper to keep the gold-plated accessories safe at all times. This makes them ideal for travel, but those who aren’t on-the-go as much as they’re tipping over wires and cables at home can still give the QuietPoint headset a go, given the fact that it’s so compact and neatly foldable. The case will accommodate iPods, a Nintendo 3DS or various other small gadgets.

QuietPoint headphones were designed to be used with iPod, iPhone and iPod touch devices, as well as MP3 and DVD players, laptops, and in-flight entertainment systems, but they work well with various other devices, too, thanks to the adapters that come with it. The kit also includes a 6.3 mm phono adapter, an airline adapter, and two detachable cables with 3.5 mm connectors, one 1.6-metre long and the other 1-meter long.


If you’re looking for headphones that will get you to work and back home refreshed and calm, the QuietPoint headset is the one for you. These compact and lightweight headphones will actively reduce your ambient noise to negligible levels instantly and make your listening experience a clearer and smoother one. Easy to store and happy to let you carry on listening to music even without a battery, they will make trusty companions on long journeys. The best thing about these headphones, though, is the fact that they are half the price of competing brands, like Bos

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