Connectland Stereo Headset 40 mm Speaker Review

Build Quality & Design

These headphones really stand out when it comes to design. The first aspect that hits you is the color. They are very noticeable.

Coming in such options as teal, purple and yellow, you can be sure that you’ll cut a unique figure whilst sporting a pair of these headphones.

This brings me to a major talking point when it comes to this product. Are they aimed at adults or children?

They certainly aren’t the biggest headphones on the market, and I have absolutely no doubt that many adults will find them to be too small and uncomfortable.

The color schemes available tend to add credence to the idea that these headphones are primarily aimed at children.

Aside from the color scheme, the headphones themselves seem to be pretty lightweight and easy on the ears, even after a period of long use. This is a pretty notable selling point as one of the primary complaints that people have about headphones is that they can become uncomfortable after a prolonged period of use.

Considering the price, this is a welcome feature.

The cord is a good length at almost 60 inches and should accommodate most circumstances. The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm size, meaning these headphones will be compatible with the majority of devices, including iPhones, iPods and android devices.

Sound containment with this particular model isn’t the best, with numerous complaints of sound leaking out to people situated close by. This is a common complaint with many models though and is just something that has to be dealt with, especially if you’re looking to spend the kind of money that will get you a budget pair of headphones like these.

When it comes to noise cancellation, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite such a feature not being advertised on this model, nor really expected, considering the price tag, there is actually a degree of noise cancellation prevalent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly nothing on the same level as a pair of Bose or Sennheiser, but it is an added bonus.

We now come to what usually proves to be the sticking point for a lot of budget level headphones. Build quality.

These headphones are constructed primarily from plastic, and as such are prone to cracking and breaking, depending on how you handle them.

This is a factor that comes into play with the majority of headphones in this price range, and the compromise in build quality seems to come with the budget price tag.


Sound Quality

Well, I’m happy to tell you that the sound quality of this particular model is actually above average in its market.

The bass, whilst not being much to write home about, is acceptable. The sound quality is crisp, sharp and clear.

The sound quality also performs well when it comes to gaming, offering a solid, crisp sound.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that these headphones are primarily marketed towards children. Their expectations when it comes to sound won’t match that of an audiophile adult who is more demanding of their headphones.

If you’re buying these for a child, they more than do the job as far as sound goes.


Like a lot of budget range models, these headphones are pretty light on features.

There is no on-cord volume control option, no way of altering the sound levels, and no microphone either.

As far as budget priced headphones go, they really aren’t any different form other similarly priced models. Features are usually pretty thin on the ground at this price.


The Connectland stereo headset is a budget priced pair of headphones. This is probably the most important aspect to consider.

The build quality isn’t on a par with more expensive models, and neither should you expect it to be. The plastic is prone to snapping and cracking after a few months of use, especially if you don’t take the time and effort to treat them with care.

The issues that you may encounter with these particular headphones are applicable to the majority of models in this price range though.

Taking into account the colors available and the small size of them, I do believe that these headphones are more suited to older children than adults. I’ve seen complaints from people saying they’re too small, so this is another factor to bear in mind before making a decision to purchase.

You’re getting a pretty good quality of sound for your money with the Connectland stereo headset, and if you’re buying them for a child they will certainly do the job, especially if they intend to use them whilst playing video games.

If you’re looking for a set of budget headphones for an adult, then I’d say that there are better options out there.

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