Anantapur History & Sightseeing Places

There is a story everywhere. What contrasts with this is true for Anantapur, the largest district in Andhra Pradesh. Nearby are many websites for registered travelers. In fact, even today you often recognize the respectable work. Famous for the silk exchange. In this article, we explore the complaints of minors in Anantapur. Read on to find out more.

1. Binoconda

Zangari is another name for Pinoconda. In fact, Pinocuda is a publication planned by Vera Virupana. It is located about 70 km from Anantapur and is very famous for its remarkable models and basic quality.

This royal residence contains many paradise places. Papia Dargah and Gagan Palace Store are the most popular attractions of this royal residence. The work was initially completed in 1575 and explores the lifestyle of King Krishna Devanaya.

2. The fort of Ravadurg Guti

It is a perfect example of a wonderful past plan. In Andhra Pradesh, Fort Gotti remains in ruins and is one of the most experienced mountain fortifications. That is why it is known as the “strong flagship”.

(Haydar Ali) later won the post, after the incapacity of Tipu Sultan, in the British government due to negative tendencies. He also has an excellent perspective on the space under construction.

3.Timama Mariano

Unlike others who follow the amazing events, Anantapur is home to one of nature’s most famous mothers.

In fact, she was quite a lady who gave her life to become Sati after the death of her other individual. Well-established people know that they will have the opportunity to have a child after a visit from this tree.


Anantapur is 46 km away. Silk saris are similarly shipped to Germany, France, and a wide range of countries around the world. You can find the size of this place at Ramalinisoara Temple and Sri Lakshmi Shinakusava Swam Temple.

Admittedly, these two pieces of sanctuary and building are unimaginably separate. The provided notes move from the sections.


Therefore, this was a predecessor to the more common and indisputable Anantapur institution, which is fundamental according to the worldview. You can visit Anantapur and hope you will need it.

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